Wedding Sparklers vs. Regular Sparklers


Wedding Sparklers vs. Regular Sparklers

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Wedding Sparklers vs. Regular Sparklers

A little over a week ago I was checking in with one of my brides to see how she was doing as her wedding was just a few days away.  She stated that she was heading out to go buy sparklers for her wedding day…and I jumped with joy as I have always wanted to do the “sparkler sendoff.”  However, while emailing back and forth it was obvious she needed to be educated on what type of sparklers to purchase…  I figured that it was the perfect topic for a blog as today is July 4th…

Now, we’ve all seen the amazing photos on Pinterest that look a little something like this:Wedding-Sparklers-Minnesota-Photographer-5

(The two above images were taken from Pinterest and are not a product of 99 Perspectives Photography!)

So how do you get those type of photos?  Well, it comes down to purchasing the right sparklers…(and I suppose hiring a photographer who knows how to get these types photos also helps!)

Here are some of the facts:

  • Wedding sparklers have a steel core and traditional sparklers have a wood or bamboo core.  The result:  No smoke vs. lots of smoke!
  • Traditional sparklers have a sulfur smell to them, and wedding sparklers do not.
  • The biggest factor is how long they will burn!  A traditional sparkler lasts for approx 45 seconds.  With wedding sparklers, you have 3 different sizes and burn times to choose from:  The 10″ and 20″ sparklers last for 2.5 minutes, and the 36″ sparklers will last for almost 4 minutes.

Wedding-Sparklers-Minnesota-Photographer-3 Wedding-Sparklers-Minnesota-Photographer-2 Wedding-Sparklers-Minnesota-Photographer-1

So where do you purchase “the good ones”, you may ask…  Here is a list of great retailers:

  1.  Wedding Day Sparklers (based out of Minnesota too!)
  2. Wedding Sparklers Direct
  3. Sparklers Online

Now, if you are feeling brave…feel free to follow this link to a story regarding a photographer who was helping with a sparkler send off, and the wrong kind of sparklers were used, resulting in 2nd and 3rd degree burns…



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