How we spent our 2015 Christmas


How we spent our 2015 Christmas

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How we spent our 2015 Christmas


Christmas Eve we spent the evening with my best friend, Lori and her family.  We ate great food, watched a disappointing football game, played games, exchanged gifts (including this awesome mug I got from them), and spent quality time together….

On Christmas Day, I woke up at 4:30am (like I do every year) to open presents.  Then made cinnamon rolls and coffee (in my new mug).  It was perfect!

Christmas 2015


Nilla spent Christmas Day snuggling with her new “foxy” pillow and blanket set….  As you can see, she is clearly in love!

Christmas 2015


I spent a lot of time in front of the fireplace watching Christmas movies, and taking in the ambiance that Christmas is…. (and doing puzzles)Christmas 2015

While I watched movies….Nilla was right beside me….snuggling with Foxy.  Imagine that!  (And Greg was playing tricks on her, though she’s pretty mellow and doesn’t seem to mind that much!)Christmas 2015

Greg’s favorite present this year was his Drone….which he bought himself.  I knew he wanted one, but that’s a big purchase and I didn’t want to get the wrong kind.  So on Christmas Eve, off he went to Best Buy and bought this….the Phantom 3 Pro.  (Greg + Drone is a lot like Nilla + Foxy!)

Christmas 2015

The best gift this year for me was from Greg.  He adopted a Snowy Owl for me…  If you know my love of owls, then you will know that this made me cry!Christmas 2015

Nilla also wants this owl to be hers, and she goes into full fledge “kill” mode when she sees it.  (It does make noises like an owl, so I totally get it!)  If I hide it, she will sit in front of where it is hidden for HOURS just staring.  Needless to say, she is not going to win this battle!  He’s MINE!Christmas 2015

It was just Greg and I this year for Christmas.  My mom used to always host Christmas and we would spend it with all my aunts, uncles, cousins, and their kids. But since she passed away 6 years ago, I have not seen them for the holidays.  It makes me very sad this time of year as those were some of my fondest memories growing up.  So, if we can spend it with Greg’s parents, we do….but if we can’t, it’s usually just the two of us hanging around in our jammies for the day, reflecting on another year together.  However, it doesn’t mean that the traditions go uncelebrated or unnoticed.  Pictured here is a secret family recipe…Fondu Monterey!  It is one of the best dishes EVER, and we only make it on Christmas Day.  Christmas 2015

We still had no snow on Christmas, which is just bizarre….but the day after we got a few inches.  So we packed up the camera equipment, got the pup dressed, and headed out for some fun.  We went to one of our favorite spots, a Wildlife Nature Preserve and an awesome old bridge that we discovered one day….

Christmas 2015

  Greg tested out his new drone, and Nilla and I played in the snow and took some pictures to capture the day!Christmas 2015

Greg trying out his new drone….Christmas 2015

Nilla…patiently watching and not really sure what to make of the flying thing!Christmas 2015

She will follow her daddy anywhere….

Christmas 2015

ICICLES!!!!  (Just cuz they make me happy!)Christmas 2015

Some of the beautiful scenery….Christmas 2015 Christmas 2015

Nilla playing and frolicking in the fresh snow.  She loves it!Christmas 2015

…and watching that flying thing some more!Christmas 2015

Greg, in his happy place!Christmas 2015

I hope that you all had a fabulous Christmas!  I look forward to new beginnings and an exciting 2016!

All the best to you and yours!

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