2017 Goals and Dreams


2017 Goals and Dreams

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Goals and Dreams

So recently, while perusing Barnes & Noble, I came across a book.  It’s called the 52 Lists Project.  It’s meant for journaling, but I am going to use it as my weekly planner for blogging.  As you can see, the title of this blog post is all about Goals and Dreams.  I’m hoping that by putting it out into the universe, and with a little hard work and faith, things will happen.  One thing I really want to happen more is blogging….whether it be personal or professional.  So here we are…  I’m starting off my 2017 with a blog.

So one night, after Christmas, my husband and I were sitting in our living room, and we had the Christmas music going, and the lights on the tree were twinkling, and I thought to myself….I really wish I had more moments like this to cherish.  And then it hit me!  I don’t have moments like that because I don’t create them…  I work too much, and I always put other people/things above myself and my own happiness.  So I made a list (in my handy new list book!) about things I’d like to see happen this year.  So here it is:

1   To pay for a vacation for my husband and I with my own earnings (he has been the main supporter for us for 12 years…and I’d love to surprise him with a vacation!)

2   To be more present every day, in little moments, big events, and everything in-between.

3   To change my lifestyle and become healthier and more active.  (If losing weight happens too…great!)

4   To add a little one to our family.  Hopefully 2 legged….but I love my 4 legged babies just as much.

5   To get out of debt.

6   To become a better cook.  (I would love to take a local cooking class!)

7   To find time to donate to a local charity.

8   To be more “unplugged.”  (This goes right along with being more present every day!)

9   To enjoy the smaller, simpler things in life….  I swear, I could live on a mountain in the middle of nowhere and be completely happy!

10  To purchase a new truck.  (Although, I’ve been looking for a few years and can’t find one I like more than the one I have….so I really need the car manufacturers help on this one!)


Wishing you all the very best, and a very happy and bright new year!



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